Saturday, July 26, 2008

5 Reasons Why I Like Revlon Wigs

I have been using a number of wigs from different brands for almost 2 years. From my experience, i prefer Revlon wigs than the rest. Wanna know why I am really into Revlon wigs? Below are 5 reasons to pick Revlon Wigs.

1. All Revlon wigs are carefully designed with high quality of materials, using the softest and the most lightweight materials. The quality of the synthetic fiber in Revlon wigs makes it nearly resembles human hair.

2. Revlon wigs come with the single layer monofilament which provides air circulation for your head. This superb technology helps you to feel comfortable during the long hours of wearing. Also suitable to those having sensitive scalp and hair loss.

3. Revlon wigs come in a variety of thicknesses. Therefore, you can pick the one that suit the thickness of your original hair. Besides that, the wigs available in eleven separate base colors that will make you look more natural. Revlon wigs blend well with your original hair and make you look so natural.

4. In terms of hair styles, Revlon wigs come with extensive range of wig styles, ranging from short type, long type, shoulder-length type, clip-on type, and comb type. This definitely will give you flexibility to match the wigs with your clothing and image that you want to carry.

5. What about the price? I can say it is not expensive and affordable. Though Revlon wigs are not human hair wigs, the quality are about the same, and this factor gives them a worth buying item.

Please visit my video of Revlon wigs photos, and you can start choosing the Revlon wigs that suit you best. Happy viewing and happy choosing!

Revlon Wigs - short & long types